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Website Name: Breaking News Nigeria
Website Address: breakngrnews.com
Publisher Name: Breaking News Nigeria Media Concept
Corporate Address: 12 Aideyan Street Benin City, Edo State – Nigeria
EMail: [email protected]


Editor: Jasper Akpozere
Phone: +2349068536018
Email: [email protected]


Web/ IT Admin: Ofe Emelda
Phone: +2348061130580
Email: [email protected]


Launch date: June 13, 2021


What we do:

We are a newspaper website aim at bringing you the trending breaking news from the top best newspapers in Nigeria.


Our Vision:

Breaking News Nigeria aim at bringing prompt, harmonized and quality breaking news in Nigeria to its subscribers using just a single platform.


Breaking News Nigeria Target:

  • We aim at entertaining Nigerians within and in diaspora with our fans outside the country on best trending and topical issues.
  • Breaking News Nigeria target at dropping it hot when the news is breaking.
  • Our quality reportage with the top notch news media with proper analysis and investigation will help fight injustice and further check on societal oppression alongside with other ills in the Nigerian society.
  • Our platform with hold the Nigerian government and policy-makers responsible on things that borders the masses.
  • Breaking News Nigeria will further push to fight political instability using point-blank reportage as a powerful tool to effect quality change in governance.


Breaking News Nigeria major Focus:

  • Point-blank and factual reportage
  • Lucid presentation of facts.
  • Bring you quality educative, entertaining and informative news.


Breaking News Nigeria Target Audience:

  • Mobile users in and outside Nigeria
  • Option Makers/ Seekers and researchers
  • The Government
  • Civil Societies and Advocates
  • Public office holders and Politicians
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Policy-Makers
  • The General Public


Breaking News Categories:

  • News Headlines
  • Local News
  • National News
  • Foreign News
  • Politics News
  • Metro News
  • Article Reviews and Opinions
  • Business News
  • Technology News
  • Breaking Video News
  • Entertainment News and
  • Sports News


Top Notch Newspaper and News Media we feature:


Our position:

We are renowned for breaking news in Nigeria. Because of proliferation of fake news, we engage in a series of fact-checking before hitting the publish button. Thus, the trust from our readers/audience is strengthened.

We are popular for our breaking local and national news, cutting across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Breaking News Nigeria promotes public reactions to issues, we are known for regular human angle stories.

Breaking News Nigeria is robust, user-friendly and always at your reach no matter where you are accross the globe.