One Year After Lekki Massacre, Nigeria’s Devil Still Lives Within By Ibrahim B. Anoba - Breaking News Nigeria
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One Year After Lekki Massacre, Nigeria’s Devil Still Lives Within By Ibrahim B. Anoba

Whichever way the presidency, Sanwo-Olu, the army, and Malami choose to consider the Lekki Massacre or not, Nigerians must reckon with the fact that the country’s devil lives within. The real devil here is not merely the gang of leaders asserting their barbaric dictatorship on the rest of the country, but it is also in the failure of many across the country to join the fight for justice.



It is laughable that the ruling elites hiding face in Abuja and across state capitals will tell their children that they love them while praying to the Heavens that those children live to fulfill their dreams. Yet, those same elites have gone about their political businesses as though October 20, 2020, EndSARS Lekki Massacre never happened. Only a foolish person would beg for the Heavens’ protection for their children while having a hand, in whatever way, in the massacre of others’ children. But we must leave the act of judgment and karma to the Heavens. 

We’ve listened to the federal and Lagos state governments and the military attempt to argue their ways out of the Lekki Massacre as responsible citizens. But even as these three state parties may convince themselves that they all had nothing to do with the killings, neither can convince the public of their innocence. The mere fact that they each have yet to give convincing reports or announce prosecutions directly related to the massacre can only further speculate they’re accessories to it.  

If the federal government is interested in protecting lives, it should have gone to greater lengths to create national committees or presidential investigative panels. But the absence of such interventions makes one wonder if committees and panels are only necessary when it concerns the petroleum industry bill or prosecuting political figures like Ibrahim Magu. Why would the President only be interested in calling the fire brigade on monetary and political issues rather than a national security-related event like the Lekki Massacre? 

Equally, if Jide Sanwo-Olu and those running Lagos State on his behalf are honestly consumed with the need to uncover what actually happened at the Lekki Tollgate, why haven’t they sued the presidency since the latter controls the military? More so, the massacre happened on Lagos soil and, as such, gives the state the right to sue any suspicious culprit to get definite answers. 

Of what significance has the kangaroo Lagos Judicial Panel on EndSARS been prosecuting those who fired the fatal shots at Lekki? Sanwo-Olu should summon the courage to ask the victims’ families if, to them, money equates justice. The justice that would bring those families any form of closure is in-court trials and sentencings. 

On another note, since the army has confirmed that some soldiers seen shooting at the scene of the murders are indeed registered army personnel, why has it yet to reveal their identities? Why hasn’t the defense ministry initiated emergency tribunals or ethics committee hearings to address this claim to the dot, i.e., ending in prosecution? It must be the case that those heading the military have lost it if they think that defending the country only involves fighting Boko Haram while not necessarily needing to give a dime about civilians.

Also, it is now clear that the attorney general’s office does not exist to serve the regular and the downtrodden. The deafening silence (absence of actions leading to prosecutions) from Abubakar Malami on the Lekki Massacre is disgraceful. Just in case Malami or his office needs some reminder, the attorney general’s primary job is to help secure justice for the country and its citizens and protect the constitution. Not only licking the boots of Buhari or spending time on national television threatening governors with the declaration of a state of emergency during elections. 

Whichever way the presidency, Sanwo-Olu, the army, and Malami choose to consider the Lekki Massacre or not, Nigerians must reckon with the fact that the country’s devil lives within. The real devil here is not merely the gang of leaders asserting their barbaric dictatorship on the rest of the country, but it is also in the failure of many across the country to join the fight for justice. 

To bring down a dictatorial democracy requires the subscription of a vast majority of the country. If older citizens (36 to 60 years) continue to not only remain idle in committing to advocacy but keep discouraging the younger citizens who have summoned the courage to fight for what is right, Nigeria will remain the same. 

Posterity will always tell. Fela Kuti’s posterity is golden because his actions were golden. We remember those who betrayed Biafra during the civil war today as eternal cowards, and rightly so. Memories and legacies are largely what individuals made of them while alive.

However, to those gone, we’ll forever remember your bravery. You’re the real Nigerians. We’ll keep asking for justice on your behalf. We’ll honor your memories in our hearts and tell of your gallantry to our children and those after them. You are the (s)heroes we’ll sing of in “The labor of our heroes past.” And may you all continue to rest in peace.

Ibrahim B. Anoba (‪Bàbátúndé Anọ́ba‬) is a Nigerian journalist and columnist for Sahara Reporters. He is also an Africa fellow at Atlas Network. He tweets via @Ibrahim_Anoba.

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Six ways to ‘prevent’ snakes from getting into water closets, toilet bowls



Reactions have emerged following the death of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Personnel Lance Corporal Ogah Bercy, attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), who died of complications from snakebite in her toilet at the NAF Base Bill Clinton Drive Abuja.

Questions on how snakes and other reptiles manage to enter our bathrooms and toilets have been raised and asked by many across social media.

Checks by The Nation show that it’s not very common for snakes to be found in toilets. More plumbers have seen snakes under houses or in a roof cavity than in the toilet but however, snakes can get into a toilet through an opening in the sewer.

Sewers can be a hiding ground for mice and rats. Snakes can enter the sewer to get their next meal. They can make their way through a sewer and slither their way through.

When talking about snakes getting into the toilet sink, some people think or assume that there’s already water inside the toilet sink, but according to plumbers, the toilet seat is designed in such a way that the water stays only in the sink and the pipe that leads to the septic tank or soakaway is always empty and free of water.

Most reptiles would find it difficult to jump or enter into the water closets, they always find it easier to enter from the concrete chambers at the back of the house through which sewage pipes get connected and through cracks, under the doors and crevices.

Here are some preventive measures to take which will help in avoiding snake(s) curling up in your toilet bowl;

The best way to prevent a snake from making its way into your toilet is to make your home less attractive to the snake in the first place.

1. Keep windows and sliding doors in the bathroom closed or ensure the screens are fully intact so a snake can’t slide its way in.

2. Prevent a mouse or rat infestation in your home with the correct rodent protection. Snakes will follow the food trail, so if you have mice or rats near or in your house, get rid of them faster.

3. Always make sure that all the bushes around your house are properly cleared and well burnt so as to prevent any rodents or reptiles from harbouring around the house.

4. Another thing you should take note of is to always ensure you fumigate your toilet sink regularly. There are special pesticides that are made specifically for this purpose.

5. Keep your toilet lid closed at all times and you can also make use of a flat tile to cover your bathroom filter when you’re not in the bathroom so as to stop any further movement of the reptile through the pipes and also ensure that all pipes are well fixed and closed.

6. Lastly, always make sure you check inside your toilet sink before you sit on it, avoid using the toilet in the dark and public toilets are dangerous to use anyhow. If you must use them, don’t sit directly on them, lift up your buttock slightly above the bowl and be watchful.

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Chidi Ibeh: Joe Igbokwe and politics of sycophancy



Nnamdi Kanu’s rearrest: Nigerians now understand why Buhari postponed UK trip – Joe Igbokwe celebrates

Recently, Joe Igbokwe has become a manifestation and replication of the biblical Esau in Igboland. He has been hypnotized to see nothing good about his kith and kin. He can be easily contracted to do any type of hackman’s job against his people. He seems to be the champion and a ready dupe to denigrate the Igbo people. He needs to put on his thinking cap.

There is a popular Igbo saying that whoever was not around when the father was buried starts from his feet to do the exhumation. Joe Igbokwe should reflect over his history in the community. It is a well known fact that the leopard can never change its spots.

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the apex socio cultural organization cannot sit down and watch one single Igbo son ridicule the integrity of Ndigbo without irrational and unjustifiable allegations. It is high time we call him to order so that he can coordinate his tongue with his brain.

Igbo Presidency is not negotiable and can never be compromised by any person or group of persons, it is our turn, other geo political zones should see reasons and support this Igbo quest for 2023 Presidency. Many prominent and eminent Igbo sons and daughters and even people outside the Igboland who know what is equity, advanced this position. How is it that it is only Joe Igbokwe that knows what is more equitable than all these people?

We have very revered prominent Igbo sons and daughters with immeasurable pedigrees as world class successful businessmen and women, detribalized nationalists with human face, eminently qualified, if not more than what we have had so far from any other geo political zones, to be the President of Nigeria. This is the current Igbo project that no sane Igbo person with his or her thinking cap should downplay or reduce to ethnic politics.

Joe Igbokwe in one of his latest rantings said that the Igbo people are playing ethnic politics. However and whatever he meant he did not meaningfully substantiate. This leaves one to wonder what he really meant. This is why the Ohaneze Ndigbo want to appreciate what is ethnic politics according to Joe Igbokwe. When a people and a section of a society complains justifiably, is that what he meant by ethnic politics? When a people or a section of the society say they are constitutionally schemed out to be second class citizens, is that ethnic politics? When there is clamour for the restructuring of the entire system, and fortunately many other sectors of the society saw the cogency and have keyed into the clamour, just because it was initiated by a particular section of the society, does that tantamount to ethnic politics? When a sector of the society is seen as a mere dot in a circle and the people say: no, we are the Archimedean dot is that ethnic politics? These are critical issues Joe Igbokwe needs to interrogate himself and see how politically ethnic these are. Or when we are clamouring that our son Mazi Nnamdi Kalu should be released to us unconditionally, could this be the ethnic politics he is talking about?

There is a cogent need to tutor Joe Igbokwe what is not ethnic politics, maybe he would retrieve his hypnotized or lost senses and appreciate what is meant by ethnic politics. What is not ethnic politics is when one section of the society singles out another section and categorically states that that section of the country cannot taste the presidency for life? What is not ethnic politics is ensuring that the same section of the country cannot be in the national security council? What is not ethnic politics is when a section that lives and thrives in importation of goods by cargoes is politically and constitutionally schemed out of having its own international cargo airports and seaports? What is not ethnic politics is when a democracy becomes dictatorship of the majority by one region to stifle the minority from all ramifications? It is believed that if Joe Igbokwe can objectively acknowledge these as not being ethnic politics or even worse than that, then one can forgive him for the allegations against the Igbo as it then becomes clear that he is on a paid mission. If the contrary becomes the case, then we know that he is, to say the least, disingenuous and at the same time sycophantic. Hallmarks of charlatans.

We, therefore, require Joe Igbokwe to retract his comments with a public apology to Ndigbo. He has been offending the sensibilities and intelligence of the Igbo people by his unbridled garrulity which smacks of people who talk before they think.

It is a well known saying that charity begins at home. This recent ranting from the infamous Joe Igbokwe came at the heels of the just concluded Anambra elections. Why didn’t he come to Anambra and campaign for his so much prided and mission of non ethnic politics? At least he would have proven to the people what is ethnic politics and not vituperations on his Facebook and on newspaper pages. No one bites another from afar.

Joe Igbokwe, your party or your candidate’s misfortunes should not be the cause to insult the Igbo people. Where were you when your party acted a Nollywood-styled primaries that gave the flagbearer your so much mouthed gale of numbers which later became a mirage during the actual voting? It is easy to rant from your cocoon and do the bidding of those who give you porridge to sell your people. Remember the fate of Esau. Remember the proverbial black sheep. Your immediate family and kinsmen have once made a public statement disowning you and your puerile and selfish rantings. You have shot yourself and your posterity on the leg. Don’t let it develop gangrene. Look for the roads back to sanity. The prodigal son was welcomed back irrespective of records. Our hands are wide open. We still see you as one of us. However bear this in mind: ‘Dike amaghi ebe o n’eje, ma o ma ebe o si’. This is how a true Igbo man thinks. He goes in peace, spreads peace and comes back in peace. He doesn’t go to learn how to denigrate his people.

The Igbo people strongly believe in the one Nigeria project of equity and fairness. The Igbo people believe in a Nigeria where no society is seen as second class citizens while others are born to rule and therefore become stooges to others. We do not need to lick others’ feet before we are no longer seen as second class citizens or the war vanquished.

It’s high time Joe Igbokwe wakes up from his self-sedated political slumber. It appears he can only remain Joe Igbokwe through blackmailing his kith and kin, and ratu ratu syndrome.

High Chief Chidi Ibe, MFR

President General

Ohanaeze Ndigbo

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Buhari, South-East and claims of marginalization

By Obike Wilfred



Many Igbos of the South Eastern Nigeria have been deeply brainwashed and poisoned to believe that any other part of the country is out to annihilate them. Far be it! What I know is their perceived problem is politics. They miscalculated politically and every political error is tackled and handled politically.

It has been well with them and the Northern Region since the first, second and third republics. They only had issues with the mainstream politics when they threw their best joker on President Goodluck Jonathan. Even though his administration had no physical impact in the region, Easterners gave him a cult fellowship. Everything then went wrong after he lost the election.

Succinctly put, Igbo youths got entrapped with the falsehood in the razzmatazz of “MARGINALISATION”. All are deception.

To buttress my points, I answer to the following:

President Muhammadu Buhari, Hausa/Fulani or 1999 Constitution is not the reason why 99% of educated Igbo youths live outside Igboland.

That 99% of Igbo entrepreneurs make their wealth outside Igboland cannot be traced to Yakubu Gowon or Obafemi Awolowo.

That no major city in Igboland has functional water supply cannot be because an Emir in Kano or Daura decreed.

That University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the foremost prominent Federal Institution in Igboland is the worst run, first generation University in Nigeria cannot be traced to any peculiar decision made by Aso Rock. The University Lands are now being sold to individuals for personal use.

That 50% of educated and skilled youths across Igboland are either unemployed or underemployed cannot be the making of Lord Lugard and his concubine.

Ndigbo must wake up. We have been deceived far way too long and the time to put to an end to these emotional manipulations must stop.

The structure or system in Nigeria is not the reason of the level of poverty in our land which is already competing with Jigawa and Sokoto levels. It is the making of our political Leaders.

We may not like this but the truth is that Igbos are also benefitting from the dysfunctional state of things in Nigeria. Pray, if not for federal allocation, how many Igbo States can pay salaries today?

Are State roads in Igboland better than the ones controlled by the Federal Government? Should Buhari or Federal Government start building inner city roads in ABA, ENUGU, ONITSHA, OWERRI, NNEWI etc?

Do you know that many Igbo politicians are unconscionable thieves in Nigeria, such that over 70% of government revenue in Igboland is stolen? Less than 50% is stolen in other regions.

How many Igbo Senators can you approach easily and get their attention for something? A young man from Kano or Sokoto can do that with a text message. Have you tried talking to any HOR Member from your place, say at the Airport or in a hotel lobby? Did he not make you look like a fool?

It is about time we begin to ask questions young men. Stop wasting your lives fighting for Biafra. If Nigeria disintegrates, it would go back to what it was like before the 20th century when every village was a country unto itself. Can we survive that?

Our rage has been misdirected at the wrong people. Nigeria will pass away but ALA IGBO would remain. We must begin to ask questions of those looting our resources. Has there been any month President Muhammadu Buhari held back Federal Allocation of any State?

Why are there no viable employment opportunities for young men in Igboland? Was there a report that any government within the region brought investors and the someone else outside the region asked them to go home?

How about the idle claim that Igbos are different from every other tribe in Nigeria? With the bad roads? Dirty streets, roads littered with refuse heaps? Can we for once tell ourselves the hard truth that we are not better than any other tribe in Nigeria, at least in terms of what is seen? Are we naturally wedded to self deception?

We must wake up. This whole nonsense must stop.

Obike Wilfred writes from Isialangwa Abia State.

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